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The Book with no name

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The book with no name - part 1Autumn. This season of the year where everything becomes muddy, wet and saturated with fallen leaves scent. But still the most beautiful season of all. The temperatures were not too hot and there was no more annoying flies. The sun was still pretty warm and felt good on the skin. There was still a lot of grass to graze too… Jace raised his head from where it was laying on the ground. The dead leaves under him cracked as he swung his tail around. He turned his ear to the left. As far as he knew, he was the only one to be in this secluded pasture. The other horses were too far away to make that much noise and there was clearly a horse walking towards him. As the sound seemed to come closer, he jumped on his feet and, quickly shaking off the leaves, he turned towards the approaching horse. Yes, it was a horse. A white horse he has briefly seen when he arrived here. How the hell did he get here? Wait … something was wrong. His instincts were never lying, th The book with no name - part 2The forest was dense and only a small amount of light was piercing through the leaves. On the ground, the carpet of fallen one was continuously cracking under there hooves, no matter how careful Jace was trying to be. He knew that it was not safe to be in a forest they didn’t know, even in the middle of the day. Heaven, on the other side, was not so worried about the forest than about the disappearance of everyone else. He was looking around, trying to catch the smell or the sight of somebody else. Nothing yet. What if they were the only two survivors? What if there was no one else? A shiver passed through his whole body before dying in a tail swish … It was a horrible thought!
“Move on, we can’t be separated.” called Jace from afar.
With all these thoughts, the white stallion had stop walking. It’s true that he didn’t want to get separated from the only other being he had encountered. He trotted to him then took the pace of the Jaguar horse.
The book with no name - part 3The growling was filling the air. The wolves were slowly walking towards them, hair dressed on their back, white teeth shining in the sun. Jace was standing still, tensed, ready to take them on. Chouette, as brave as she was, was certain they couldn’t win this fight. She was ready to fight anyway. Heaven, on his side, knew way too well he was not a fighter and that 6 wolves for 3 horses was suicide. He was backing off slowly, quickly hitting the rotten fence with his hind quarter. He looked behind him, in the buildings half fallen. In the shadow created by some, he seemed to notice a movement. God damn ... please let it not be other wolves. In any case, it was a way better solution to retreat in the safety of the buildings then to fight these things …
“We should get inside!” yelled Heaven, not realizing his voice was super high.
Chouette took a look back and nodded. Yes, she would fight the wolves if needed, but no need to take unnecessary risks. She backed off
The book with no name - part 4Heaven woke up, shivering. The pain in his legs was killing him. And he was completely frozen. He lifted his head but in the darkness of the night, he couldn’t see well. The air was cold and he could feel frost on the hay. He stretched his front leg slowly, looking for bleeding or broken bones. It seemed fine, but he could feel that the scab was very thin and would break if he started to walk a lot. He really needed to find something to wrap around the wound to keep them from bleeding him to death. Slowly, carefully, he got up shaking the cold away. In the silence of the night, he knew deep inside that the wolves were gone. They must have grown tired and went back to hunting. But to reassure himself, he took a deep breath. The strong scent of Jace filled his nostrils. He was probably sleeping close. Then, the subtitle and fruity scent of Chouette took the place. She seemed to be a little bit farther away. Thankfully, the smell of the wolves was very diffuse, proof they were gone. The book with no name - part 5“Where do you go now? We need a plan. We can’t just randomly walk.” stated Chouette, looking around between trees.
The other two nodded. They needed to follow something that would lead them away from the old barn. They needed to progress in order to solve all this mystery. But for now, they kept running back to that creepy desolated barn. Once again they entered the forest, in hope to get somewhere else. It was already mid-day and the air was fresh, sign that winter was coming faster this year. The leaves were all wet, like it rained during night. Strange though … Heaven didn't remember hearing rain when he woke up that night. Maybe it had already stop or not yet started.
“Look at that, Guys” exclaimed Chouette.
The two stallions approached her and looked where she was pointing. On the ground, under a layer of leaves that she had moved away, there was some hooves prints. They seemed old, probably protected from the rain by the leaves. At f
The book with no name - part 6They must have walked for hours now. The luminosity in the woods was starting to decline fast. Soon, night would be there and if they stayed in the wood, not only would they be exposed to predators, but they would also freeze. Jace was, for at least an hour now, looking for a place where they could spend the night. And finally, squeezed between two trees was a cavern. Better check it was safe before entering. He stopped.
“Chouette, you stay here with the foal. Heaven, you come with me. We need to check if it’s safe and your rock shell could come in handy.”
The white stallion nodded and followed Jace in his light trail. The humidity inside the cave hit them instantly. It would become freezing cold at night here. But at least, they would be protected from wind and predators. Jace stopped close to the entrance, smelling the air. There was a slight scent of bear floating in the air but it was probably too old for any risk of him still being there. So Heaven went out to ge
The book with no name - part 7This had been the longest night of his life. He couldn't sleep. Or at least that’s what he thought, because he woke up in the early morning. The air was cold, but hotter than the night before. He watched the others, asleep here and there in the cave. He looked at the foal for quite a moment. How could he be so … so arrogant in a time like that? Even he had put aside his pride to figure out what was going on. He accepted to take on a mare, a foal and … that stallion. Though, he needed to admit that the mare had revealed herself like someone worth his time. He snorted silently and turned around. The air smelled like rain. He decided to go grab a lunch before the others got up. He quickly found a patch of grass and he ate he as fast as he could. Soon enough, the rain started to fall. We quickly regained the cave and as he was getting to safety, the rain double in force. It quickly became insanely hard and it felt like a real storm was hitting them now. The fi The book with no name - part 8The tension was filling the air, mixing with the rain that was pouring on them. The young jaguar quickly gained shelter between Heaven and Chouette, as Jace was getting ready to fight their flight. The dark stallion, obviously the leader, took a step forward and snorted. The group was starting to nervously paw the ground, unsure what they needed to do.  The two opposing stallions were about to jump on each other when the beach colored pony jumped out of the circle and stood between them. Jace immediately backed up, surprised.
“Get outta my way Rapsodie!” the dark stallion ordered in a harsh voice.
“No, Kehelian. We need to unite, not fight. They are the first horses we meet since we met Sweet, a month ago. Maybe they know something. Plus, the river is growing strong. We need to find a shelter.” She answered in a worried voice.
She was nervous, and clearly feared the said Kehelian. But stubborn as a pony, she was going to stand her ground. Jace snorted, read
The book with no name - part 9They all settle in a free corner and spend the night they, nestled one against the others. Jace was still staying a bit apart from them, but he was looking over his little herd. They had all met everyone, at least learnt their names.  Morning came, bringing its lot of noise and movement. The appaloosa mare named Athena and Rapsodie were entering the building with a food for the pile when Jace opened his eyes. He quickly got up, ready to go eat before the others. As he was munching on a bunch of grains, he felt a slight touch on his shoulder and noticed Chouette’s nose picking an apple. He was finishing his bite when loud voices echoed in the arena. He lifted his head, only to see Chouette trot over towards the source of the voices. He followed, slightly nervous, towards the corner where the foal was residing. On spot, he noticed the scene. The foal, Sweet, was cuddled in a corner, half afraid and half sad. Kumo, possibly her mother, was standing in front of her in the most a The Book with no name - part 10The sun was decreasing over the meadow, leaving a trail of fire in the sky. Standing on top of a hill, Jace and Chouette were looking over the others, down in the field. Around noon, they had found this place. It was higher placed in the mountains, surrounded by forest and far from any major stream of water. The hot sun of the day had dried the land and brought nice warmth. Once they had reached this place, they had decided to settle for the rest of the day, allowing the wounded black mare to rest. Eros was constantly wandering around, never standing still. Jace was not happy about him. He was constantly feeling the urge, down in his chest, to chase him away. Especially since he spent all the morning charming Chouette. Heaven has been taking care of Engine, trying all he could to grow medicinal plants. Phala was fooling around, playing with bunnies and birds. Chouette scratched him on the shoulder.
“You seem lost in your thoughts. What’s the matter?” She asked, lookin

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